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Achim is the author of two books “GOOD BUSINESS“, BRANDFUTURE and co-author of “SINNERGIE – Wendezeit für das Management“. He frequently writes articles and essays about the future of leadership, business and society.

His writing is featured in Süddeutsche Zeitung, Handelsblatt, TREND, Absatzwirtschaft, GDI Impuls, Persönlich, Die Welt, Die Zeit, Frankfurter Allgemeine Der Standard, …


The latest book by top management consultant and brand specialist Achim Feige “GOOD Business – The Thinking of Tomorrow’s Winners” vividly describes how the economy is changing due to crises and the change in values to a GOOD business economy in which one-sided striving for profit is not enough to be permanently successful. “Good” companies and brands think integrated in the future and achieve a triple profit: a human, an ecological and an economic one. In short: people, planet, profit. Achim Feige shows what companies will be able to do tomorrow to be among the winners of this paradigm shift and how to succeed in conveying this new set of values with a strong, authentic brand and thus creating an attractive GOOD brand with a triple profit.

As the first book in German-speaking countries, it creates a new practical framework for thinking and acting on how to be economically successful and at the same time create good things for everyone involved. With concrete examples, Achim Feige inspires entrepreneurs, managers and brand decision-makers to turn their company with integral thinking into a GOOD brand with triple profit.


Achim Feige, has developed evolutionary laws of brand management and a practical guide beyond all marketing fashions. It clearly shows how you can make your brand number 1 in the future through applied future knowledge.

“A book that not only brand theorists will read with interest, but above all brand managers from practice, whom Feige – derived from case studies – will give concrete recommendations for implementation.”
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“In five steps, Achim Feige shows how your own brand can become number one and then summarizes ten consequences from previous knowledge for brand practice.”
“Achim Feige is one of the few who can translate the theory of trend and future research into concrete brand practice. Brands are myths that change over time – that is exactly what this book elaborates on.
Matthias Horx