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What really drives us_


*This is an invitation to all who want to change themselves and the world for the better.
The world is falling apart. The underlying mindset has expired. What will replace it? Something worse or better?

It’s up to us. You and me!

At this pivotal time in human history we – the wealthy and healthy in this world – should wake up, grow up and show up as real transformative leaders bring about positive change.

Two times out of three*, we don’t succeed in this transformation. But we must not fail in this crucial time. For ourselves, our organizations and for the generations to come.

The good news is: Transformation is a skill that everyone can learn and open up to.

*according to several studies from McKinsey, BCG and other well reknown institutions.

To ensure this necessary leap in human, societal and economic development with a high level of certainty, my partners and I have joined forces to make the “secrets” or “codes” of successful transformation available – to curious leaders who want to contribute to this necessary evolutionary shift.

OUR MISSION: Training and Strengthening the TRANSFORMATIVE CLASS__

This is an invitation to all who want to change themselves and the world for the better

As trainers and “mountain guides” of the TRANSFORMATIVE LEADERS or CLASS we are committed to serving leaders from all walks of life by
  • elevating their level of consciousness

  • expanding their abilities to make sense out of chaos,

  • evolve and become the best version of themselves.

As humans and leaders of people and organizations, and thus making a positive difference on this planet.

By de- and recoding the essence, science and wisdom of human development, with peak performance and transformation into growth that matters.


Join the Transformative Class now and apply for a free consultation call or the Online Training