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01 Why the world is in deep crisis.

by Achim Feige

Why the world is in deep crisis. And what the first steps out could be.

Dear Transformers, dear Co-Creators of a new time,

the world often seems terrible at the moment. You only have to look at the news. Unrest, assassinations, violence, the war continues, Putin demonizes the West in his speeches. And every day something new is added that overwhelms us. We are in the middle of a polycrisis, a permacrisis – an age of very big problems. Today, simple solutions don’t help anymore, a new way of thinking is needed. That’s why we have the VERTICAL X Collective and the Transformation Code, the tools for everyone who really wants to build the bridge into a new era. Together we can make the leap! What this all means – and how it works – is what I will explain in this newsletter every 14 days starting today.

We are working on decoding the super-crisis, starting with ourselves, with micro-techniques, from breathing work to small modifications in our diet to better sleep. My first teachers on this path were the neuroscientists, biohackers and psychologists of the West Coast of the USA – Jamie Wheal, Andrew Huberman, Daniel Schmachtenberger, Ken Wilber, great, sometimes idiosyncratic figures in research and philosophy, each contributing puzzle pieces to the new path. Their partly groundbreaking insights are hardly noticed in the German-speaking world – we are just missing a revolution of thinking and self-techniques. I therefore see it as my task to integrate the most important of these ideas together with my philosophical background and my experience from 25 years of top management in Europe into something new. The result is the Transformation Code, which we can apply here and now. The recipe for change, understandable for all.

We will talk about all this intensively in the coming newsletters, on my site, at our meetings and workshops. At the beginning there should be an insight, which for me is the most important: We are historically at a crossroads, a “pivotal point” as it is called in economics, a key moment. Now is the time to decide what comes next: Breakdown or Breakthrough? Will everything collapse, or will we make the leap forward and upward, into the new era? That era will bring a gentler way of dealing with ourselves, with each other, and with nature. It will also bring profit again, but in a new, compatible way.

My maxim for the beginning is: Change yourself – then the world will change. But this is not a retreat into the subjective, into inwardness – on the contrary. The inner change has a direct effect on the world. First find order and peace within yourself, then radiate this into your immediate environment, then into your company, and finally into the world. This is the way we make a real difference with the Transformation Code. We work on the inside first, then the outside. My Transformation Code offers: 1. inspiration to rediscover yourself and your world. 2. guidance on what steps we will take to do so. And 3. home for those who want to dare, for the transformative class.

We are not here for the conspirators who see secret evil forces everywhere, and not for the purely spiritual who seek only enlightenment, only the next kick in their energetic astral world. We really want to roll up our sleeves and make a difference out there. We don’t demonize performance and profit – but we want good performance and meaningful profit. Only responsible individuals are capable of good leadership that ultimately serves the world. To this end, we want to change together, to transform, and here I am showing you ways in which we can continue, little by little, to make the world a better place. Even without believing that we can really make it better. Because let’s face it, on a planet that recently became home to 8 billion people, no one is going to initiate the great reversal alone. But we can make a difference. A real one.

And we do it together. Find the others! The other like-minded people, the ones who make up the Transformational Class, the community of those who want to do things differently. Because: Business as usual – that’s no longer possible. This realization is the first step, and we start from there. I will write about it here every 14 days.

Yours, Achim